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The Onion Dialogues

Led by a Black and a white facilitator—two women from the South, in a tested and structured way—The Onion Dialogues explores a series of topics in a conversational setting: personal experience, language, the history of racial inequity, white supremacy and white centeredness, the invisibility and complexity of racism, and microaggressions.

The sessions are lively, engaging and focused, always intended to call people into the fight for racial justice, never to call people out.
The facilitators utilize short videos, modeling techniques, small-group conversations and full-group explorations to delve into the topic.
The experience helps to reveal racial inequities, offers participants an opportunity to reflect on what may be a new reality for them, and then to determine their role in working for racial justice at the individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal levels.

The session takes place over two days with each session lasting between 2 ½ and 3 hours dependent on group size. The preferred group size is 10 – 18. If the group is over 18 participants, the facilitators may request that it be divided into two groups.
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